Cufflinks and the Psychology of Men’s Fashion

Regardless of the current economy and the rather gloomy predictions, the demand for cufflinks is undoubtedly growing today. And that includes designer brands as well.

In fact, it is not uncommon for customers to pre-order their cufflinks at certain times of the year, namely during peak seasons when the demand for cufflinks is greater than normal. Sometimes, clients will have to wait for pending orders. Delays are also inevitable, example, when bad weather or natural calamities hamper down delivery or manufacturing itself for a few days or weeks behind.

Cufflinks, especially the expensive ones, are usually regarded as an affordable luxury one can have; and that’s not even an overstatement. A pair of diamond cufflinks, vintage cufflinks, or gold or silver cufflinks, may well cost over a thousand dollars, but it’s still quite affordable compare to other luxuries in life.

The demand for cufflinks as a fashion trend has lead to the idea of mass producing. That can be more economical, profitable, and convenient but some hand-techniques such as those of enameled jewelries are yet to be duplicated by machine.

The most intricate details of cufflinks are still hand-crafted. The devotion, artistry, and personal touch of the jeweler are also embedded on the pair of cufflinks. Often times in jewelry making, we consider the material or stones used, but we cannot deny the fact that the human element in contributes also to the overall value of jewelry. It’s the name, the brand, the story behind the behind the jewelry that all the more raises its value.

The demand for such jewelry like cufflinks, regardless of value, is an evident proof of the playing psychology in fashion. Many may not readily see it or seem to care about it, but psychology plays a crucial role in fashion both in the clothes and accessories we wear.

Each piece has certain attributes that portrays something. And I guess that’s what fashion is about – portraying or conveying a message through the over all appearance. And the two sides of the coin is both good and bad fashion.

The choice of each piece, whether done consciously or unconsciously, that result to the overall look, tells a lot about the bearer himself. The combination of clothes and accessories one puts on gives away a piece of the bearer’s fashion taste, personality, and character.

The ideal goal of course, is to look great. Somehow, this contributes largely to the good feeling we want to have. Generally, like domino effect, good looks result to good feelings, and good feelings adds to self-confidence. The more confidence you have in bearing yourself, the more effective you carry the clothes you wear.

Another example of psychology at play in fashion is colors. Most colors imply certain attributes. Blue and white are popularly associated with peace. Red is striking and emotional. Black is generally authoritative and versatile. A good understanding of what colors may portray is important. This will generally guide you when to pick a particular color or not, and when it is most appropriate to wear.

Top 5 Most Known Fashion Designer in History

Giorgio Armani – Acclaimed as the most successful designer to come out of Italy,Giorgio Armani enjoyed great achievement in fashion market. His company, Armani generated an annual turnover of $1.6 billion! In 2001, Forbes named him the most successful Italian designer and estimated his net worth at $1.7 billion. He was given the same award five years later, as the magazine estimated his fortune at $4.1 billion.Then you could see how great this man is in fashion designing world.Giorgio Armani is known today for clean,tailored lines. Goods under his brand are not changing drastically every season – the same elegant and tailored style flows from line to line, taking the best current cultural news. Clothing fashion always leaves a lot of space for interpretation of the man who wears it. Style is not created by Armani; style is your own luxury created by using Armani.

Gianni Versace – One of the Twentieth Century’s most talented designers, unfortunately shot to death in 1997. his collaborations with American photographer Richard Avedon helped Gianni Versace become one of the world’s elite designers. His 1982 collection introduced metallic garments that would become his trademark, and his elaborate stage costumes for Elton John in the late ’80s helped cement his reputation as one of the beautiful people. Many most famous world actors, music stars and other celebrities wear Versace, because of the style that makes a person the center of attention, who always looks exceptionally great, fashionable, stylish, sexy and classy.

Guccio Gucci – A figure who passed away more than 50 years ago,but his Gucci is still one of the hottest in the world! Gucci,the master of splendid leather goods. Gucci is known for its luxury-good designs and is one of the best known names in prestigious designer tops. Though there are lines of clothing, sunglasses and all other accessories, best of the best from Gucci are leather goods – handbags and purses – which always have interesting details and unique taste

Calvin Klein – The master of urban and sophisticated style,also described as “the supreme master of minimalism”. One of the main ideas of this designer – less looks more. He always stays with the same vision: “I’ve always had a clear design philosophy and point of view about being modern, sophisticated, sexy, clean and minimal.” Calvin Klein is one of the best known designer brands of the world and all this was reached because of his unique style orientated at practical design clothes without exaggerating jewelry and other accessories. He was the first designer who created unisex fragrance “CK One” and the first line of designer jeans is also under the label of Calvin Klein.

Coco Chanel – A pioneering French fashion designer whose modernist philosophy, menswear-inspired fashions, and pursuit of expensive simplicity made her an important figure in 20th-century fashion.. Her extraordinary influence on haute couture was such that she was the only person in the field to be named on TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the 20th century! Her Chanel – The master of prestige. Chanel is a brand that represents finest quality luxury goods which are usually very rare and reflect a very high class. Details and feminine accessories take a very important place in Chanel designs so the style becomes audacious, passionate, visionary and unique. Everything under Chanel labels must be perfect and classy.